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Yogi’s heritage dates back to the late 1990s, drawing inspiration from the distinctive Earth and Roots shoes of the 1970s to craft premium footwear in Portugal. The brand is distinguished by its dedication to natural form lasts and vegetable-tanned leathers, crafting footwear with negative heel silhouettes that enhance posture. Yogi’s commitment to ethical manufacturing includes minimizing waste through techniques such as creating unlined moccasins, employing water-based adhesives, and using natural crepe soles and recycled packaging.

Yogi has established its presence in leading men’s fashion retailers worldwide, such as END, Royal Cheese Paris, Merci Paris, La Bottiglieria Rome, Huckberry US, and Tenue de Nimes Amsterdam. The brand’s inception by The Duffer of St George founders, a British clothing label renowned for its influence in the 1980s and 1990s music scene, set the stage for Yogi’s identity. In the 1990s, Richard Wharton of Office London envisioned a collaboration with a Spanish shoemaker to re-envision the Earth Shoe design as ‘Yogi by Duffer,’ shaping the brand’s legacy. Since 2008, Yogi has been a part of the JD Group, continuing its trajectory in the realm of distinguished footwear.

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