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Armand Basi celebrates human incoherence with OK MUM collection

We’re back with OK MUM…

Eva Basi, creative director of the brand, presents a capsule collection that combines prints of photographs of dogs, foetuses and nuns, with even embroidery. She shows us her inner world. A mixture of luxury, irreverence and vindication.

A clear message in common: The pride of human incoherence.

This capsule is for those who shout from the rooftops to eat the rich, but please, kindly, for the activists of the revolution of nothingness. For those who choose rebellion over submission, who say OK MUM… but then do whatever they want, counting on the mame visa card.

Eva Basi has designed six short-sleeved T-shirts made from 100% cotton leftover fabric and for which the brand’s old hashtags have been recovered. And not because Armand Basi wants to save the world, far from it, but because the brand has been trying for a long time now to get a handle on responsible production: all the pieces have been made in Barcelona and, in fact, not many copies of each one of them have been made. After all, this effort of craftsmanship and km.0 has a lot to do with Project #01, which the brand presented a few months ago and which is striving to recover the founding spirit of Armand Basi, a spirit in which the brand’s traditional values (design, quality, provocation and industrial tradition) are interwoven with a new vision of fashion without gender or seasons, but with local production and reuse of fabrics. Because it may be that this capsule claims incoherence… But this Armand Basi’s work can only be defined as pure and simple coherence.