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Núria Basi, president of Basi Group participates in the Barcelona Fashion Summit 2023 organized by Modaes

In her speech at the Barcelona Fashion Summit 2023, the president of the Basi Group recalls that the fashion sector has overcome several crises and explains that the keys to future development are knowing how to transmit the value of the product to the customer, diversifying in attracting talent and focus on the brand.

The directive also highlights that, to win over the consumer, the brand continues to be key. “It’s easy to launch a brand, but maintaining and caring for it requires a lot of effort. Not all brands continue to have the same personality as when they started, while also maintaining profitability,” observes Núria Basi.

What has fashion gone wrong in recent years? “We have not been able to convey to the client the value of the product”, summarizes Basi. “Fashion is sold as a commodity, but it doesn’t reflect the work and the immense value chain that requires that garment to be in the store,” she adds.

Barcelona Fashion Summit celebrates its eleventh edition at the Petit Palau de la Música Catalana under the title Back to Basics: tune in with the fundamentals. Organized by Modaes, the day, consolidated as the main meeting of the fashion business in Spain, is sponsored by Districenter, Ecolife by Belda Lloréns, Meta and Sequra and with the support of 080 Barcelona Fashion.