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Seven decades of history

Basi’s first steps can be traced back to 1944, the year when Mercedes Sabi set up a craft workshop that became the real origin of everything the group is nowadays. During the 1940s, that workshop manufactured the highest-quality knitted garments in Barcelona that were sold by the most famous and prestigious establishments in the country.

The passion for the textile industry was transferred from parents to children and in 1958, the company took root when Sabi’s sons took charge of the family business and created the Basi firm. That same year, the brothers moved the workshop to a factory in the Gracia district of Barcelona.

Quality has always been the firm’s hallmark which, since its beginnings, has been known for seeking excellence in each garment sold. That same tireless perseverance was used to expand the business and adapt to a changing society that gave rise to an increasingly younger clientele.

Crossing borders

Expansion did not come right away, but Basi’s tenacity pushed the company forwards. In 1962, after a number of attempts, Basi obtained an exclusive license to manufacture and distribute clothes of the prestigious French brand Lacoste in Spain. This was the turning point that took the company to a whole new level and four decades of unparalleled commercial success. In 2002, Basi was granted a license to distribute Lacoste footwear and belts. Since 1962, the firm has seen progressive growth and is now one of the main fashion distributors in the country.

An influential brand

The brand ARMAND BASI was born in 1987, after the opening of the Basi factory in Badalona, where its headquarters remain. Shortly after, the logistics hub that the company owns in Barberà del Vallés was opened.

The establishment of ARMAND BASI turned 1987 into a transcendental year in the company’s history that finished that same summer with a fashion show of its first collection. After that first show, it was already obvious that Basi would always be associated with the cosmopolitism that defines the city that saw its birth. Several years later, in 2009, the brand By Basi was launched, the young brand of ARMAND BASI, that would reinforce the avant-garde and fresh spirit of the Mediterranean company.

The experience and the intense dedication of all the professionals that have been part of Basi throughout the last three decades have been recognized internationally on several occasions. In 1998, Armand Basi received the Antoni Gaudí medal as an appreciation of its dedication to the Catalan fashion industry and one year later, the company was awarded the French Government Legion d’Honneur medal.


Seventy years are just the beginning

Since 1944, Basi hasn’t stopped growing. It has kept the values inherent in its family business origin and years of expertise in the sector have turned Basi into a reference for the distribution of the most prestigious brands. Our extensive presence in franchises, own stores, multi-brand stores, eCommerce platforms and corners in large department stores is refutable proof of the transcendence that the brand has achieved throughout the years.

2018 is a year of changes in Basi Group. An opportunity to continue striving every day to establish its position in the market, to grow new international brands and to consecrate as an Eden of premium fashion.

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