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The BASI Group has several distribution channels thanks to our presence in large retail stores, our own boutiques, franchises, outlets and online stores. Our passion and resilience have allowed us to grow exponentially in sales volume and we keep striving to remain a reference in the sector.

The company distribution channels

ChannelCustomersPoints of sale% Turnover
ChannelRetail StoresCustomers-Points of sale5% Turnover15%
ChannelE-commerceCustomers1Points of sale1% Turnover5%
ChannelWholesale / ApparelCustomers400Points of sale600% Turnover25%
ChannelWholesale / Footwear & Leather GoodsCustomers300Points of sale500% Turnover25%
ChannelDepartment StoresCustomers-Points of sale20% Turnover30%
ChannelTotalCustomers700Points of sale1125% Turnover100%