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Another Further proof of human incoherence.

Barcelona Loves Me is the new capsule collection that Armand Basi presents in collaboration with the young Barcelona designer Tania Marcial.

Iconic pieces designed for a specific use and user have been transformed into something completely unexpected.
Creative director Chu Uroz, in 1991, and Lluís Juste de Nin, in 1998, presented pieces that have become icons of the brand.
Today, Tania Marcial rebuilds a legacy, reconstructing those iconic pieces and creating completely antithetical pieces that crush any vestige assigned to a genre.

Based on this reinterpretation, Tania Marcial proposes to take this concept to the terrain of her origins in the suburbs of Barcelona. She presents a collection reusing tourist caps from the city, adorned with spikes and chains, but also with beautiful stones.

All this is further proof of human incoherence.