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AboutBASI Group

Our entry into the fashion industry goes back to 1944. After decades of hard work, we are today one of the biggest distributors in Spain and we intend to keep at the forefront of the sector. Our group’s solidity and our extensive experience have led us to become one of the most experienced brand retailers in the country. Our talented team is creative and passionate about every project and this is exactly what has earned us the trust of prestigious brands, which value both our relentless commitment and our extensive knowledge of the Iberian market.

We are defined by a Mediterranean identity that comes from the strong bond we have with Barcelona, the city that saw our birth and that still rules the cosmopolitism and urbanism of our DNA. We are committed to the highest quality and that’s why we put all our efforts into continually searching for innovation and keeping the tradition of our family business origins, which taught us how to work with rigour and responsibility.

Our vocation to constantly grow has led us to collaborate with great international firms, distinguished for their innovative designs and impeccable quality. Our story began in 1962 with the distribution of Lacoste in the Iberian Peninsula, when the prestigious French brand trusted in our refined work to successfully establish the signature of the crocodile in Spain. Later, Lacoste would also entrust us with the license of Lacoste Footwear, Lacoste Leather Goods and Lacoste L! VE. A fruitful relationship that lasted until the beginning of 2018, at which time Lacoste decided to take control of most of its distribution channels as part of its globalization strategy.

Our  50-year relationship with Lacoste fills us with pride and has enabled us to acquire experience and savoir-faire of incalculable value. The commitment to excellence that characterizes us has gained the deserved trust of Nautica, Cole Haan, and more recently NO NAME and Nautica Footwear, iconic international brands that have established their presence in Spain thanks to our work. We also distribute Armand Basi, our own brand that was born in 1987 and soon became synonymous with elegance and contemporaneity.

Since 1944 when we began our journey, we have moved forward but we aim to go even further because we know how to respond to changing times. We are well aware that innovation must be inherently related to technology and creativity, both essential assets to maintain our established  position. We also want to continue capturing international brands and develop new sales channels. Big brand distribution is not only our job – it’s also our lifestyle.